The Miracle of Food and Networking

Food and Networking

Food and Networking in Corporate Events are essential. Many companies are already jam packed with corporate events in 2017.  These events are mostly business strategy meetings with their sole purpose to build new connections for business expansion.

To be honest, business meetings are not easy to drive on themselves. They need an accompaniment to get them moving in the right direction.  That accompaniment is the food because it is the way to a man’s heart they say!  With many men and women brought together, then food will have to be a language that they all understand.

How Does Food Drive These Events?

Did you know that in the presence of food hearts are warmed and conversations created?  How does that happen?

  • Clique breakers: Every human being is comfortable around people they know.  At large events, it is very easy for people to sit in groups of those they know well.  Corporate events are created with the need for people to mingle and get connections that are vital to every business.  These cliques are broken easily by food stations or buffet services that allow people to meet other new interesting persons.  The strategy is to place food further from the comfort zones. Groups break as each individual goes to find the food they are interested in and soon enough attendees will be very busy meeting new people.
  • Conversation starters: Food works in all networking conversations especially when the menu has exciting foods. These exciting foods could be a fresh twist on old classics or something new that the attendees love.  Spicing foods up is spicing up the conversations and every attendee feels special.

What more?

  • Energizers: Having had long days or weeks at work can make corporate meetings or events tiring. Having a snack, a beverage or a full meal can provide enough energy and refreshment to save a conversation.  For a morning event, provide a wide range of energizing foods and beverages to keep the participants awake and concentrating. If you have a full day event be sure that the afternoon is catered for well. Ensure attendees are well fed for the rest of the meeting as this is vital to the brains and it improves the overall mood. It encourages pleasant and meaningful conversations.
  • Tie in the meeting: For a meeting who’s sole purpose is networking, the keynote speaker should get creative with the food. Liaise with the caterer ahead of the event and ensure such food is tucked away for his use. This can be exciting and it can awaken the attendees. Such a theme becomes the talk of the day or month to the attendees never forgetting the aspect they learned from it.


Is your company having a corporate meeting? The next important step is to hire a caterer. A caterer whose services you shall enjoy and keep you connected.  Catering services are the drive for your corporate event. Serious or friendly food is a must have!


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