About Us

My Delicious Homemade has style! We have a great taste when it comes to food. We understand that it should look good and be fun to eat. Our unique food presentations come with finesse and style accompanied by stylish serving pieces giving your party a class of its kind.


My Delicious Homemade is a partnership business between two old friends who are passionate about food, therefore, offering their best catering services.  We are highly professional in the way we offer our services to you always ensuring the customer remains to be the King.

Food being the central focus and attraction for any party, we always ensure that we discuss fine details with our clients before we all settle on what to offer.  Once settled, we will always give you the best services that will leave your family and friends in awe.

My Delicious Homemade Team

Delicious Homemade boasts of a highly experienced team in all the aspects of catering services.  They include:

Lillian Beverly – Chef

Growing up as a country-side girl, Lillian never imagined she could be one of the best chefs in this country. She grew up a normal village girl who enjoyed her childhood with her friends. At the age of 14, Lillian’s life turned around when she discovered food in her home science lesson in school.

Lillian fell in love with home science and started creatively developing recipes that would later win her awards in cooking competitions that followed. Though she fell in love with food, it never crossed her mind that she would take culinary arts to hear and turn it into a passion.

Though Lillian studied other courses in her early part of life, she later discovered her food passion was so strong that she could not ignore it. She went to culinary school and graduated as a professional chef. Her first professional kitchen experience was gained at the Rift Valley Sports Club, The Great Rift Lodge, Fairmount, Mount Kenya Safari Club and Subprime Caterers as an Executive chef.

Today, Lillian’s love for cooking and presenting food has only grown bigger and better. Quoting directly for her, “Seeing a client savor and delight in my final product is what thrills and pushes me to develop more kitchen wonders.”

With her maturing in her professional style, she has also confidently grown her creative side that can develop almost any recipe as per the client preference. African and Indian cuisines are her favorite and have been her best due to her local endowment to the African Culture.

She has managed kitchens, developed pastry requirements and managed to hold the position of an Executive Chef. All these stages have given her the necessary skills to want to delve deeper into her own private catering business where she is not limited in any way.

Frida Mwangi – Event planner

My Delicious Homemade- Frida Mwangi's Photo

Frida is a work at home mother who grew up with a father who valued education more than anything else.  Frida ended up learned but had no cooking knowledge.  She got into marriage without any know-how of managing her kitchen or feed her newlywed husband.

Thanks to her husband, she was able to learn a few food tricks. She later developed widely using recipe books which she widely fetched.  Her thirst to learn new recipes and try them on her family continued to nourish her appetite for food knowledge.

Eventually, she became the best cook around her friends.  Her biggest achievement was ensuring that her family had meals consistently at the same time.  Frida being a work at home mother learned the art of time management and could do so with ease.

She disciplined herself to keep family meal times consistently set at the same time.  In her entire life, she has observed a culture of time management that is dear to her heart.  Frida was also very detailed with how she presented her food.

She learned how to cook and present various dishes to her family’s awe.  She not only cared about how she set her tables but also the ambience she created.  Her family being the first recipients of this gracious work were in awe of her ideas and passion.  Today, Frida has matured in the art of cooking, time management, food presentation and ambience creation.

Her greatest passion is to reach out to young newly-wed women. Women who have no idea of how to cook or plan meals.  She sees My Delicious Homemade as that platform that many have been looking for.