Catering Services

My Delicious Homemade for the Best Catering Services

Catering doesn’t just mean purchased food, chairs, table cloths or decor. No, it should be a word that comes to your mind every time you think of a once in a life time experience! My Delicious Homemade Meals is committed to create that unique experience for any event you have.
Our catering services have a wide range to choose from that includes:
Delivery orders – This is perfect for a casual small event where our staff will ensure everything you require is delivered on time.
Time management is one vital reason why you should consider our services.
Pickup orders – If your order is small enough to fit in your car, you can pick it up from our main kitchen.
Our team is ready with your cuisine waiting to load it in your car and handle all the heavy lifting.
Executive set-ups – This set up allows us to set everything up so you can enjoy being a guest at your own party.
We are experts at on-location setups ensuring that your food and equipment is flawlessly arranged and ready to kick off on time.
Full-service events – We get to handle every aspect of your event from the setup to the dismantling.

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