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My Delicious Homemade Setting Trends in Event Planning

The Best Event Planning Services

Event planning goes beyond setting an event with chairs, tables, entertainment, and food; it is an experience.

With such an insight, you want the best event planning services.

Your best bet would be to hire the best event planners to get you picture perfect venues with the right ambiance.

Count on My Delicious Homemade to set the stage to capture such once in a lifetime occasions.

We have the experience and resources to cater for any event from a small intimate setting to major events hosting over a thousand guests.

What’s more? We achieve this while making every guest feel valued.

My Delicious Homemade raises the bar every time with bespoke event planning services.



What You Should Expect For an Event Planning Package

Although your mind will go to arrangement and decoration of the venue, the skinny on the deal is that you should expect your plan contractor to do the following for you:

  • Conduct research to find the most relevant site
  • Supervising activities relating to the event
  • Create an event theme or design
  • Arrange for entertainment
  • Design and send invitations to your prospective guests
  • Organize transportation to the venue and away
  • Setting up accommodation for guests
  • Creation of an event website
  • Personal styling
  • Assembling and delivery of welcome favors and bags
  • Arranging for catering services
  • Tracking of RSVPs

The services you opt for will depend on the nature and size of your occasion, your budget, and the amount of control you wish to have over the planning aspect.

Seeing all that, you can see the importance of considering not only hiring an event planner but also getting an experienced and certified one to avoid disappointments.

You realize that not only does hiring one eliminate the frustrations and stress involved in planning your event but also that such an arrangement relieves you so that you can focus on your guests and occasion.

You must agree too that you may not have the time, skills or staffs to execute the activity with such detail and finesse without the planner.

In recognition of your need to hold a successful social event without draining your energy, My Delicious Homemade event planning services headed by Frida Mwangi offers you the expert touch you yearn for.

Count on us for stylish sites, coordination, a choice of breathtaking decorations and heart throbbing entertainment to boot.

Our Clients

We draw our clientele from the corporate and the social market.

Our corporate clients such as companies, non-profit organizations, and charities contact us to organize a variety of events.

Such include galas, receptions, fundraisers, competitions, conventions, shows, meetings and commemorations among others.

Some hire us for seasonal or annual fetes while others seek our services for specific events.

Social events include intimate occasions for individuals and families.

Such include baby showers, birthdays, graduation parties, anniversary parties, weddings, dowry negotiation or payment occasions, reunions, rites of passage celebrations, funerals, or any personal occasion where you are the host.

My Delicious Homemade Journeys with You

When you have an occasion whose date is looming close or it just suddenly popped on you, and you don’t know where to start, consider looking us up to help you breeze through the preliminary preparations through to the occasion.

Don’t waste time mulling over details of your big day as we are available to walk you through all the stages of your event planning programs.

Our Best Event Planning Service Packages

For starters, with our prices, you will realize that having an organized and enjoyable day because of our services need not break the bank.

We offer quality services at affordable rates.

True to our mantra of keeping customer satisfaction and comfort paramount, we invite you for a free consultation to determine what combination of services will best meet your needs.

Out of that first step, we can design a proposal and prepare a fees breakdown basing on your requests and budget.

The consultation also helps us to gauge the amount of resources and support you need. Out of that, we come up with a full budget.

After that, we develop a worksheet with all the to-do tasks inclusive of details from the conception till the point where you wish us to terminate our support.

Our clients often entrust us with the whole event.

We agree on timelines to necessitate time management and to ensure the event runs seamlessly with no delays.

Depending on the support you need from us, we can make recommendations based on venues, style, the theme and purpose of the event as well as any proposals for vendors where necessary.

As the day closes in, we continue with consultations to gauge our progress and your insight.

Remember too that we customize our services suit your unique needs.

We continue coordinating and supervising activities on site from then into the ceremony and up to clearing the venue after the occasion.

Since no event is like any other, our packages come entirely customized.

On our package and depending on what you choose to order from us, we offer:

  • Furniture such as seats, tables, and setting for food serving stations
  • A master of ceremony
  • Live entertainment such as a band
  • Sound and public address equipment
  • Setting up tenting or booking indoor facilities
  • Restroom facilities such as clean cloakrooms or portable toilets
  • Menu selection and catering services
  • Tastings of the meal and drink options if we are catering the event
  • Venue decoration to reflect your style and the nature of the event.
  • We work on lighting, linens, floral arrangements and adding any other signature touches you request
  • Staffing such as security, bartenders, wait staff, chefs, and transportation

Our catering package comes complete with on-site kitchen, chafing dishes, silverware, china, platters, and glassware.

Additionally, we offer ample choices on food and beverages depending on the occasion.

Our partial event planning packages take form depending on your needs.

Options include hiring us for catering and location, or location setting and equipment, or equipment and catering.

Whichever you choose, we will consult and coordinate and you will find we are up to the task.

Out of experience, we have developed a knack for ensuring all our events remain successful at all times.

Whether you want to have a garden wedding in the rainy season, we will advise you accordingly and work around any restrictions to make your dream come true.

Excellent Customer Care Relations

All through the planning, execution, and completion of our projects, we maintain evaluation to ensure we meet your expectations at every step and in all the details.

We organize constant meetings among our staffs and any other contracted suppliers for feedback and tweaking of our worksheet.

Additionally, our crews are adequately schooled in customs and etiquette to avoid unpleasant or embarrassing incidences at your special event.

We develop and maintain a close business relationship with our clients or contact persons regardless whether the order is for a full or partial package.

With our experience in the field, you can count on us to come with the best regarding photographers, transport management, décor, and caterers.

My Delicious Homemade has a catering wing headed by award winning executive chef, Lillian Beverly.

Lillian offers you culinary delights crafted from professional training at culinary school and years of experience as a chef in top notch hotels.

Expect her team to come up with a menu drawn from both local and exotic cuisine.

Between Lillian and Frida, you can be sure this company can throw a party with loads of fun for everyone.

Our Guide on How to Charge for The Best Event Planning Services

While our prices remain competitive and provide value for money, our pricing guide takes into consideration:

  • The size of the event
  • Location
  • Preferences on style
  • The complexity of the event
  •  Whether any facilities were hired from secondary providers, for example, flowers, entertainment, catering services
  • Any customized preferences beyond the usual package

The total costs accrue through calculation by the hour or by charging the entire event by including all the costs involved.

Suffice to say nevertheless that with our combination of services, you will find we save you a lot of time and eliminate stress by handling your event for you.

Additionally, if you assume that you can’t afford our services because of distance between our location and the potential event location, do consider that we plan and flawlessly host events across the country.

Your occasion is important to My Delicious Homemade.

We will traverse the land for you and set up your venue at any of your dream destinations.

Contact Us for your Quotation

We remain committed to turning any occasion entrusted to us into a roaring success.

For that reason, we invite you to join our growing list of satisfied clients.

Contact us for all queries or book an appointment for consultations.

We offer you a free quotation taking into account each of your requests.

Contact us to host an event that will reflect your style and capture the feeling for lasting memories.